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Our Free WordPress Training Will Help You...

The primary goal of this WordPress training is to teach those looking to build professional websites with little to no technical knowledge. During this Free training we will give you the skills needed to become a WordPress guru!
Some of the things you can expect to learn is: Hosting, WordPress Installation/Configuration, Plugins, Basic SEO, How to setup a E-Commerce site and more! Register now as we are only running this promotion for a limited time.



Avoid common mistakes that many website owners make

What if you could magically learn about all the potential pitfalls with starting a website before you even begin?


Avoid Costly Designers and Developers

Do you want to avoid having to pay $1,000 or more to build your website and maintain control over what you create?


Avoid wasting valuable time needed to grow your business

Do you want to take the guesswork out of what steps need to be performed from start to website launch?

Are you ready to become a WordPress guru?

"Be willing to pay the price today in order to enjoy the rewards of a better future tomorrow."

In This Course We Cover...

More than just providing an easy way to make a good looking website or blog, this class also covers important information concerning maintenance, themes, plug-ins, SEO and making money online.

1. Building With WordPress

Learn to build your own website with WordPress. From Hosting options to finishing touches, we can teach you everything needed so you have a live website by the end of the class

4. WordPress Plugins

Plugins are essential for integrating things such as contact forms, portfolios, automation tools and so much more. You will learn the key plugins that every WordPress site should have

2. WordPress Maintenance

Ready to manage your own WordPress site? Learn just how easy it is to keep your site up and running, ensure your site is secure and be able to fix minor technical issues

5. SEO Crash Course

Search Engine Optimization is vital if you want your website to show up in Google's Search Engine. This training will cover SEO basics and how to ensure your website can be found

3. WordPress Themes

Learn how to design stunning WordPress site using themes that will drastically reduce the time, effort and costs of building a website. We will ensure you have the tools needed for great sites

6. Make Money With Websites

Take the skills learned in this course to help you get high-paying gigs as a freelancer, start your own web design business or obtain an entry-level position as a web designer

What Are You Waiting For?

Online presence has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising and your website is the centerpiece of your business. Through your website you can display your products and/or services, reach more people and scale your offerings beyond your wildest imagination.

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